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Charlie Sheen: I'm Clean and 'High on Life'

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Denise Truscello/WireImage

Charlie Sheen’s show, Two and a Half Men, halted production after he blasted creator Chuck Lorre Thursday but the actor is still enjoying his time in the Bahamas – and says “defeat is not an option.”

As he’s relaxing, Sheen said he’s contemplating his next project. “It’s called life and fatherhood and fun. I get to step back into the light,” he said Friday on the radio show Loose Cannons.

His interview was characteristically frank and lively, as well as rambling and slightly unintelligible at times.

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Vacationing with “the most amazing women a guy could ever hope to find and to bond with,” Sheen said, “We’re having a ball and everybody’s mad because I’m having too much fun again – clean.”

Lest anyone question his sobriety, he told the hosts, including his friend Pat O’Brien, that he’s “100 percent” sober.

“If you want to meet me for one of my workouts at 5 a.m., you’re going to find out that smoking cocaine just does not fit in with that snapshot,” he said. “There’s no time for that right now. If you can find a drug that’s gonna get me higher than I am – I hate to say, on life – just living in the moment, finally enjoying this life, then present that drug. I don’t think it exists. I really don’t.”

As for the ongoing dispute with his professional life, Sheen called the Men set “toxic” and once again slammed Lorre. “I watch him wailing on people that have been loyal to him for two decades,” Sheen said. “He gets in the men’s group on Friday and talks about surrender and acceptance is the key. Really Chuck? Accept these keys. I won’t go further with that thought.”

To the show’s crew whose job security is in question, Sheen said, “Be patient, get focused, we are at war defeat is not an option.”

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