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Charlie Sheen Calls Getting Fired 'Completely and Entirely Illegal'

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Charlie Sheen’s latest webcast was no laughing matter.

In a nonsensical rant that lasted about eight minutes Tuesday night, Sheen held back all smiles and witty commentary as he continued to bash Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre.

“Hiya, Chuck-E-Cheese-ball,” Sheen began, referring to the boss who fired him Monday. “Where ya hidin,’ silly clown? Behind your narcissism? Your greed? Your hatred of yourself or women? Which personality are you cowarding beneath for transparent cover? I see you, you little worm.”

When it came to addressing getting fired, Sheen was brief, only saying, “What occurred yesterday was completely and entirely illegal To quote my lawyer, ‘[expletive], [expletive], suck suck.'”

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The troubled actor, 45, who also took a quick dig at CBS CEO Les Moonves, let his Lorre aggression play out for the majority of the live stream.

“I see you behind your plastic smile, your bitchy pout, and your desperate need to be liked,” Sheen continued. “Forget love – that ship sailed when you were born think of me often, loser, during your most quiet moments think of me as you pray to the silly god of AA you are no match for this warlock. My power will consume you every losing day.”

Sheen doesn’t fail to point out how the show’s viewing numbers have dropped since his firing.

“How does last night’s 2.8 in the demo feel?” he asks, aiming at Lorre. “Ouch. How about last night’s 2.6 as well to follow it? It should have gone up, but instead it went down … Losing, bye!”

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