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2003 vs. 2013: Charlie Countryman Stars Evan Rachel Wood & Shia LaBeouf Then & Now

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George Pimentel/Getty

A lot has changed since 2003. Namely, dogs are climbing Mount Everest and twerking is considered dancing.

But, for now, we’re just going to focus on Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf.

In their latest film, Charlie Countryman – now playing in select theaters – LaBeouf falls for Wood’s character, a Romanian girl who (uh-oh!) is already married.

But before their bad romance plays out on the big screen, let’s take a look back at the good ol’ days.

Evan Rachel Wood: Then & Now

From left: Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen; Wood at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival
In 2003, Thirteen reminded moviegoers that not all 13-year-old girls wore pink and cared only about, like, boys and, like, stuff. In fact, the Catherine Hardwicke-directed drama wiped away the glitter to paint a darker world, where teenage girls shoplifted along Melrose Avenue, did drugs and took razors to their arms.

“I put it down. I was afraid of it for a while because of the subject matter. It was so intense,” Wood, now 26, told the Los Angeles Times of reading the dramatic screenplay, which was co-authored by Nikki Reed. “I had never really done anything like that,” she added of her breakout role. “I phoned my agent, and, right then, I said, ‘I have to do this movie.’ ”

These days, Wood has taken on two very special roles: mom to a son (as of July 2013) and wife to fellow actor Jamie Bell.

Shia LaBeouf: Then & Now

From left: Shia LaBeouf in Even Stevens; LaBeouf at the Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere
Maybe Louis Stevens was the little brother you never had … or never wanted. Either way, LaBeouf’s quirky antics (read: nose-picking) endeared Disney Channel viewers who tuned into Even Stevens from 2000 until the sitcom ended in 2003.

LaBeouf, now 27, has since ditched those Hawaiian shirts – you know, they just don’t go with his abs – so, naturally, his Holes-era innocence is gone, too.

He’s taken blockbuster turns in the Transformers saga and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He’s also taken off his clothes in a Sigur Rés video. Factor in a few arrests in between, and he’s a full-on Hollywood bad boy, who wouldn’t quite fit in at the Stevens dinner table anymore.

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