Amedeo M. Turello/Principality of Monaco
Peter Mikelbank and Karen Nickel Anhalt
June 13, 2011 06:00 AM

With her wedding and honeymoon with Monaco’s Prince Albert all planned out, Charlene Wittstock has turned to thoughts of family, as well as her upcoming role as princess.

“I love children,” the former South African Olympic swimmer, 33, told the French newspaper JDD this weekend. “A family is in our plans. We hope to have a child soon.”

As for becoming a princess, she says: “My role will be defined once I’m married … During the last five years, I’ve learned palace protocol, habits and customs of the principality. Today, I feel I’m ready.”

First, though, there’s the little issue of the wedding, a two-day ceremony set for July 1 and 2 that would stress out any bride. But Wittstock says she has her nerves mostly under control.

“I’m in the same state of mind as that of any young woman approaching marriage,” she says. “We’re making a commitment for life, and that’s not just anything at all. Some brides stress, some don’t. I think I’m a serene bride.”

She adds: “I’m not going to let the pressure get to me!”

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