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Celine's Husband's Rape Charge Dropped

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Citing a lack of evidence, Las Vegas police have dropped a rape charge against Rene Angelil, the manager-husband of singer Celine Dion, reports the Canadian Press Association.

Furthermore, Angelil’s accuser has now been charged with trying to extort $13.5 million from Angelil, 61, and Dion, 34.

Yun Kyeong Sung Kwon, 47, had claimed that Angelil raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room in March 2000 — a charge that Angelil has consistently denied.

“The case against Mr. Angelil is officially closed,” said Las Vegas police Lt. Jeff Carlson.

Kwon had claimed that Angelil followed her into the hotel elevator against her will, sexually molested her and then raped her in her room.

But she and her husband, Ae Hoe Kwon, 50, were arrested on Thursday in Nevada on charges of extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion against the couple, and bribing a witness.

They were charged and remain in custody in a Las Vegas jail, said police Lt. Ted Snodgrass, who told CP: “The couple went into the offices of the criminal lawyer of Mr. Angelil in Las Vegas and made demands for a large sum money.”

Had Angelil not complied, said Snodgrass, “The were going to reveal certain information regarding Mr. Angelil’s rape case.”

In separate cases, Kwon is also accused of failing to pay casino bills of about $500,000 and faces four charges of passing bad checks.