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Celine Dion Unleashes New Record

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The last time Celine Dion released a new album, “Titanic” was doing huge business at the box office and there weren’t as many scantily dressed young women crowding the record charts. However, Dion isn’t worried. Today, the 33-year-old singer releases “A New Day Has Come,” her first new album since 1997’s titanic “Let’s Talk About Love.” Already, the title track is number 1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Chart and has just reached the Top 40 chart, reports USA Today. Dion, who has sold 140 million albums worldwide, shrugs at the competition for record buyers’ attention — and dollars. “I’m very competitive,” she told USA Today. “But I’m competing with myself and nobody else. I’m not better than Mariah or Whitney or Madonna or Alicia Keys. There’s a place for all of us.” The Canadian singer admits, however, that she’s somewhat disappointed by the recording industry’s preoccupation with skin. “When is it going to stop — are we going to have to perform naked soon?” Dion opined to USA Today. “The image is becoming more important than talent. It’s pretty scary. Don’t get me wrong. I’m lucky to have my body, and I’m happy to show a little skin. But if you try to be sexier than everyone else, you will kill yourself. Why not be happy with yourself?” Dion’s happiness with her new album comes at a difficult time personally, amid charges that her husband/manager Rene Angelil, 60, raped a woman two years ago in a Las Vegas hotel room. The plaintiff, Yun Kyeong Sung Kwon, is suing Angelil in a civil suit, requesting to overturn a settlement that had been made with Angelil in June 2000 (that she claims was agreed upon under mental duress). According to the AP, Angelil’s lawyers say the allegations are false — and that they are different from the ones Kwon made two years ago.