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Cashmere Mafia: Is Lucy Liu the New Carrie Bradshaw?

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With its foursome of fierce female friends, it’s no secret that Cashmere Mafia is trying to fill the gap left by Sex and the City (Darren Star is the executive producer, after all). And after Sunday’s preview and Wednesday’s premiere, we’re seeing plenty of similarities the trendy clothes, the hip New York nightspots, the gorgeous guys, the never-ending martinis, the impossibly perfect apartments, the fairytale Manhattan backdrop…The show even has its own bubbly theme song!

And much like Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, Lucy Liu’s Mia Mason is the leader of the pack. (Once upon a time, Liu was a guest star on SATC!) She’s got the most fabulous sense of style, that spring in her step and the ability to summon the rest of the ladies for a coffee or a cocktail at the drop of a text message. When they get together, guess what they do? Dish about men, careers and friendships, of course. But can Mia really be the next Carrie Bradshaw? Is she stylish and loveable enough? Is it too early to tell? Or will Carrie live forever in our collective memory as an untouchable fashion princess living in gilded Manhattan paradise? (Well, at least until the movie comes out.)