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Carson's Queer Eye for Straight Stars

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Newly launched fashion guru Carson Kressley, of the Bravo TV hit “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” has some words of advice for some straight stars, reports the New York Post.

Not that the advice is necessarily limited to heterosexuals, bisexuals, metrosexuals or gays, says Kressley, given the show’s (pardon the expression) mandate: “We are waging a war against bad taste.”

“It’s not about gay or straight — it’s about guys helping guys,” said Kressley, 32. “It’s about building bridges between our communities — one straight guy at a time.”

So, what does Kressley — who tells the Post that he unofficially got his professional start when “I picked out my sister’s prom dress when I was 10 and she was 18” — have to say about the stars?

• Matthew Broderick, clearly a bit too chubby for Kressley’s taste: “Baby weight!”

• James Gandolfini, who’s just too, too casual: “Stop it!”

• New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is anything but casual: “Bring out the funk!”

• And Colin Farrell, who has a propensity for black T-shirts and blue jeans: “Like a cheap hotel.”