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Carrie Underwood Laughs Off Chace Crawford Questions

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Video courtesy Warner Bros. Ellen DegeneresGrilled by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Monday, Carrie Underwood said that yes, she would be willing to make a home-cooked meal for Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford – but only if he wanted her to, and only if she could find his phone number first.

Underwood, 24, seemed happier avoiding rather than addressing DeGeneres’s leading questions about Crawford, 22, who has been Underwood’s companion on several recent outings.

Asked if she would cook for the cast of Gossip Girl, the country singer replied, “If they flew all the way from New York to Nashville for me to cook dinner for them, I certainly would.”

“Would you cook for Chace, for instance?” DeGeneres wondered. Laughing, Underwood replied, “I would cook for anyone that would like me to cook for them. … You should call him up and ask him.”

DeGeneres quickly agreed to do so, but Underwood said that unfortunately she didn’t have his number.

Being goaded by talk-show hosts isn’t the only new development in Underwood’s life since she became famous. Asked what else has changed, she said, “I was a student before, going to class in my PJs. Now I get to get up on stage in front of thousands of people and make albums, and it’s just great.”