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Career and Child to Abduct Gillian

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Mulder’s gone. Now Scully’s heading out the door. Gillian Anderson, 32, has told London’s Sunday Times that this will be her final season on the Fox series “The X-Files.” “The stuff I am going to do is as far from Scully as humanly possible,” the flaming redhead said of her future plans. “Having been Scully for such a long time, I have to prove myself in other roles.” “The X-Files,” starring David Duchovny as FBI agent Fox Mulder and Anderson as agent Dana Scully, debuted in 1993. Before then, the Chicago-born actress (who had spent much of her youth in London) made her film debut in 1992’s “The Turning.” “The X-Files” made her an international TV star and, in 1997, earned her an Emmy. Other than stating that she looked forward to appearing in a unnamed play in London next summer, Anderson said that she intends to spend more time with her daughter (by her ex-husband, art director Clyde Klotz), Piper, born in 1994. “It feels good,” she said. “It’s time.”