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Stephanie Petit
June 19, 2017 10:26 AM

Despite recent tension between Caitlyn Jenner and her daughters, the trio were all smiles as they spent Father’s Day together.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner met up with their dad at the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance car show in Beverly Hills, California, where she displayed her Austin-Healey Sprite. Caitlyn also brought along her 2-month-old puppy, Bertha, who Kendall held on to as the family posed for photos.

“Good day at the Father’s Day car show on Rodeo Drive with my girls,” Caitlyn, 67, captioned a photo with her girls. “Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.”

Caitlyn dressed down in jeans and a purple top with shoulder cut-outs. Kendall wore a denim dress and white sneakers for the occasion, while Kylie flaunted her all-black ensemble and pigtails in Instagram posts.

“Daddy’s day,” the 19-year-old beauty mogul wrote on a photo of her posing on Caitlyn’s car.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

In a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall voiced concern over claims made by her father in her tell-all memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

“I heard about all the stuff that she was saying in it and just how a lot of it is so not true,” Kendall, 21, told her mother Kris Jenner. “The weird part is, I don’t think it’s purposeful lying. I think she really just thinks that’s what happened for some weird reason.”

Kris, 61, married Caitlyn — then known as Bruce — in 1991. The two announced their separation in 2013, and Kris filed for divorce 11 months later in September 2014. Caitlyn first opened up about her plans to transition to a woman in April 2015.

In The Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn claims Kris knew about her gender identity before they got married, and claims she was a “punching bag” throughout their marriage. Kris and her daughters have largely refuted Caitlyn’s allegations.

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Kendall sides with her mom, complaining that she doesn’t understand her dad’s need to slam her former wife and step-daughters.

“She goes around dissing the Kardashians, but it’s like, those are the kids that you raised,” said Kendall. “If you have a problem with them, you raised them. That makes no sense to me that she would go around bashing us for no reason.”

“It’s insane, Mom,” added Kendall, slamming the table in frustration. “That’s insane.”

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