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Bush Dummy Makes Deadline

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George W. Bush was not only installed in office in Washington on Saturday, but he made it to a New York perch at just about the same time. That is, his wax dummy version, which had to be rushed into place at the Manhattan branch of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum to coincide with his inauguration. Like the people of the United States, reports The New York Times, the artisans at Tussaud’s in London didn’t know who the new president would be until very late in the game. Staving off what might have been a crisis, Tussaud’s people went to work on both Bush and Gore figures. By December, however, when the election was decided, work stopped on the effigy of the former vice president. Only . . . “Who knows,” one wax museum official told The Times. “Maybe we will need it in 2004.”