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Two Brothers Prove You're Never Too Old to Love Santa

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Courtesy Friarmarty/Imgur

Some Scrooges like to say kids outgrow Santa at a certain age, but two brothers are out to prove those humbuggers wrong.

While the red velvet line to see Santa at the mall may be full of tots under 10, there is no age limit to the tradition. Reddit user Friarmarty has the photo evidence. He and his brother have visited Santa together, every year, for the past 34 years.

In the photos, as the brothers transition from smiling tots to boys too big for Santa s lap to men with babies of their own, they’re always happy to see Old Saint Nick. And we must say, Santa seems jolly about having some older fans too. Check out the amazing slideshow below.

Photos courtesy of Imgur/Friarmarty

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Donald Sutherland as President Snow (left) and Santa Claus
Everett; Getty

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