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Britney's Momentary Husband Speaks

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The 55-hour marriage of Britney Spears and her childhood pal Jason Allen Alexander may have been officially annulled on Monday, but the momentary hubby of the pop princess has already hit the airwaves.

Speaking to both “Access Hollywood” and “Inside Edition” from his rural Kentwood, La., home on Monday, the 6’2″ junior at Southeastern Louisiana University said his fateful wedding on Saturday began with him and Spears, both 22, watching “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in their Palms Casino Hotel room in Las Vegas. They were both sober, he insists.

“We were just chilling in the room, about 3:30, and we had so much fun, just looking out at the city and the lights, and we were, ‘We’re in Las Vegas, let’s do something. Let’s go get married,'” Alexander, who looked to be nervously tapping his foot, told “Inside Edition.”

By Tuesday, a wedding photo of the happy couple had hit the tabloids, with papers such as Scotland’s Daily Record splashing the barelyweds on their front pages and reporting on the fallout from their nuptials.

Alexander said the two had been friends but did not date in high school, despite the fact “there was definitely romance there. She came home for Christmas Eve and invited me to go to Las Vegas.”

To “Inside Edition,” Alexander said the decision to get a quickie annulment was mutual and came to them the very next day. As they were calling friends, he said, “We both started realizing what we had done … we shouldn’t have went about it the way we had.”

Alexander said he and Britney remain close, though pals are saying that Alexander is actually hurt that his brief bride didn’t take the marriage seriously. Jared Prescott, described by the New York Post as Alexander’s best friend, tells the paper that Alexander, who reputedly had been secretly dating Britney, meant what he said in his marital vows.

“No one gets married as a joke, that would be stupid,” Prescott told the Post.

But Spears’s own label, J Records, in its statement about the weekend wedding, said Britney and Jason “took a joke too far” by getting married. There has been no direct comment from Spears on any of the events of the past few days, and she is said to be in Miami preparing to tape a concert for the Showtime cable network.

In the annulment papers filed by Spears’s lawyers (and made public by the Smoking Gun Web site), it says, in part: “Plaintiff Spears lacked understanding of her actions to the extent she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage because before entering in the marriage, the plaintiff and defendant did not know each others’ likes and dislikes, each other’s desires to have or not have children, and each others’ desires as to a state of residency.”

The papers, which were signed by Clark County Family Court Judge Lisa M. Brown at 12:24 p.m. PT Monday, making the annulment official, also said: “There was no meeting of the minds in entering into this marriage contract, and in a court of equity there is cause for declaring the contract void.”

The papers state that Spears is not pregnant and there is no property to be divided.

Meanwhile, other papers — as in police records — have come back to haunt Alexander.

On Oct. 25 he was arrested for battery and disturbing the peace in a Hammond, La., college hangout, police there tell New York’s Daily News. Brett Chatelain, the owner of the establishment where the alleged incident took place, the Extra Innings Grill, said that Hammond “just hit one guy because he bought his ex-girlfriend a drink.”

The ex was identified to the News as Corie Miller, another childhood sweetheart whom Alexander reportedly dumped in November.