Stephen M. Silverman And Kristi Slafka
September 05, 2003 12:40 PM

This is absolutely the last word on the Madonna-Britney Spears tonsil-hockey game that took place at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Speaking to reporters before her performance at the National Football League’s kickoff party (the concert took place on the Washington, D.C., National Mall Thursday prior to the Redskins-New York Jets game at FedEx Field), the pop princess said: “I haven’t kissed anybody in a while so I think she’ll make do for a while. It was cool,” PEOPLE reports.

Spears claims to have been caught unawares of the ruckus caused by the open-mouthed kiss (another was planted by Madonna on Christina Aguilera). “I left the states after that happened and I went to London and it was everywhere. I just didn’t realize news traveled that fast,” she said.

Chewing a wad of gum, Spears, 21, showed off the glittering oversized “B” diamond pendant necklace, reportedly worth $12,000, that she received from Madonna backstage at the VMAs. “She has one that says ‘M,’ ” Britney gushed.

The tanned and trim Britney sported a short blonde bob streaked in red (interpreted by some as a nod to the burgundy-and-gold Washington Redskins, though she claimed to be rooting for both teams) as she set the record straight on the mysterious bandage-like object on her foot last weekend. At least one British paper speculated that she had suffered a foot injury.

“Actually my feet were cold and I was wearing flip flops,” she explained. “So I cut the toe out (of a sock) and it looked like a cast. But it’s not. So my foot really wasn’t hurt.”

The Redskins beat the Jets, 16-13.

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