Bryan Alexander and Pernilla Cedenheim
June 20, 2008 10:20 PM

A day after her sister Jamie Lynn gave birth to a baby girl, a serious-looking Britney Spears returned to Los Angeles on Friday to a crush of rowdy paparazzi at the airport.

After the group – consisting of Spears, assistant Brett, father Jamie and bodyguards – made their way down a terminal escalator, Jamie Spears pushed photographers out of the way. Britney, wearing sunglasses, was bumped several times.

Hours earlier, the pop singer gave a tearful goodbye to family at the New Orleans airport after being on hand for the birth of her niece Maddie Briann. On the plane, Spears kept to herself in first class on the Delta flight, which also included celebrity passenger Amanda Bynes.

“Britney didn’t seem happy and was mostly resting,” says a Meredth Wood, a fellow passenger. “She kept her sunglasses on for most of the flight.”

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