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Britain's Harry: You're in the Army Now

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Britain’s Prince Harry is no scholar — as his recent college entrance exams scores bear out — so the 18-year-old royal will bypass university in favor of joining the army, his father’s office announced Thursday.

Harry’s grades — a D in geography and a B in art — all but automatically disqualify him from a shot at Britain’s top schools, Reuters reports.

By comparison, Harry’s father, Prince Charles received a B in history and a C in French back in 1967, when he took his advanced final exams.

Harry’s brother William, now 21, did better than the both of them, scoring a C in biology, an A in geography and a B in history of art. (Basically, the English grading system is similar to America’s, except they have E’s instead of F’s. Go figure.)

As a result of his testing, Harry — who spent five years at the expensive Eton prep school, having enrolled the year after the 1997 death of his mother, Diana — will take a year off before applying to the equally prestigious Sandhurst academy, which trains military officers.

“I am very proud of Harry,” Prince Charles, 54, said in a statement. “He has worked hard for these examinations, and I am very pleased with today’s results.”

Although he may not enjoy cracking the books, Harry has shown himself to be successful on the sports fields, playing on the rugby, cricket and polo school teams.