Shervin Lainez
Jeff Nelson
February 05, 2016 09:45 PM

Brendon Urie flaunts his formidable pipes on Panic! At the Disco’s Queen-meets-Sinatra-tinged album Death of a Bachelor – but it turns out he’s gifted in other areas as well.

“I’m talented with my tongue,” the rocker, 28, tells PEOPLE.

“I’m the only one who can do this weird tongue noise. Everybody can make that clicking noise, but I can do it super loud,” Urie explains, demonstrating the sound. “So I just like to piss people off with that. It’ll be really quiet, and everybody’s tired in the tour van, and then I just [clicking sound]. Oh, they hate me.”

The former emo-pop prince will get the chance to aggravate his bandmates again this summer when Panic! hits the road with Weezer for what he promises to be “a nice and sweaty summer tour.”

For more on Brendon Urie, pick up the Feb. 8 issue of PEOPLE.

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When he’s not out on the road, though, Urie – who married his wife Sarah in Malibu in 2013 – says he’s happy to finally have a place to call home.

“I’m always gone on tour, and finally having a place to call home is a big deal. I never really had that comfort before: It’s nice to have something to come home to,” he says. “I love it.”

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