Zakiya Jamal and Anya Leon
June 22, 2014 11:00 AM

Millions of people around the world have been gathered in front of their TVs to watch the World Cup – but for Hélio Surdos’s friend, Carlos, that didn’t seem possible.

Carlos, who is deaf but had normal vision until the age of 14, was diagnosed with Usher syndrome, which has caused him to lose his eyesight over the years.

But with this year’s buzzed-about event held in his home country of Brazil, the 27-year-old, who can only see shapes, was determined to truly enjoy the tournament.

According to the Daily News, after Carlos suggested a unique solution to his problem, Surdos began researching the logistics and exact measurements behind building a replica of a soccer field – and his results have already gone viral.

“We want him to feel the same sensations that [people who can see and hear] feel,” Surdos tells the Daily News.

With his camera recording the much-anticipated moment during the Brazil versus Croatia game, Surdos guided Carlos’ hands over the mini model and described the plays as it was happening live.

And when Brazil made their final goal to win the game, Carlos – sporting his home team’s jersey – joined in the celebration, cheering with his hands in the air and doing a drum roll on his faux field.

Helio Surdos

The touching moment between teacher and student ends with Carlos signing, as he shows his joy for being able to “watch” the game and celebrate Brazil’s victory.

“When I posted the video, I was aiming to show that for everything in life there is a solution, so that other interpreters [can] use this with their friends or deaf and blind clients,” Surdos says.

According to Surdos, Carlos is using his new board for every event, and while he can’t guide him during every game, he promises to be there for all of Brazil’s matches.

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