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Branson to Bed Passengers

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Flamboyant British entrepreneur Richard Branson announced that the new super-jumbo jets he’s buying for his Virgin Airlines will have double beds so passengers can have, ahem, a high-flying time. According to business reports from England, Virgin’s first 555-seater A3XXs will be delivered by 2006, and Branson expects to put them to use flying between London and destinations in the U.S. and Asia. Virgin planes, which already offer a wide range of music and video entertainment, currently offer private meeting rooms and in-flight beauty treatments, including massages. Branson has also said that casinos and showers are also under consideration. But with the extra space that will be afforded by the new A3XXs, said Branson, there will be plenty of room for double beds. “You have them on cruiseliners,” Branson told Reuters, “so why shouldn’t you be able to have relationships in the air?”