People Staff
December 02, 2008 12:55 PM

As parents to six kids, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie already have commitment to each other. But the actor says he’d consider making it legal – if later on it becomes important to the couple’s children.

Asked by Ann Curry on Tuesday’s Today show if he and Jolie plan to tie the knot, Pitt replied, “Listen, if we feel it’s important to our kids, we will do so.”

But right now the actor, who currently stars in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, says their focus is raising their kids.

“I’m really proud of this family,” says Pitt, who adds that the children’s diverse background (Maddox, 7, is from Cambodia; Pax, 5, from, Vietnam; and Zahara, 3, from Ethiopia) doesn’t change the fact that they are “brothers and sisters.”

“I feel rich, I just feel rich being around them. It’s a rich home. Each one of them offers so much to the mix.”

Still, even a superstar finds such a big brood challenging at time. “Surprisingly, six kids is not as easy as you would think,” he says wryly.

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