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Nate Jones
December 18, 2013 01:00 PM

Brad Pitt is 50 today. Let that sink in.

While he’s not aging backwards, the two-time PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive has certainly managed to hit the half-century mark as gracefully as a person can. Stare at this picture of Pitt on the cover of AARP magazine, and then compare him to some of our favorite major stars in the year they turned 50.

Brad Pitt: Making other famous men seem average since 1963.

Bruce Willis, 2005

Bruce Willis at the "Light of Heart" Gala to Benefit the Happy Hearts Fund in 2005
Mark Von Holden/FilmMagic

Bald is beautiful, but it is not youthful.

Billy Joel, 1999

Billy Joel at the American Music Awards in 1999
Ron Galella/WireImage

We’ve said it before: Some men age well, some men age poorly, but no star has aged as expectedly as Billy Joel.

Robert DeNiro, 1993

Robert De Niro
Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty

De Niro here was almost halfway between Young Dangerous De Niro and Silly Meet the Parents De Niro.

Jack Nicholson, 1987

Jack Nicholson
Ron Galella/WireImage

The glasses are doing a lot of work here.

Anthony Hopkins, 1987

Anthony Hopkins at the Olivier Theatre in 1987

Being a British thespian can lend an actor an air of wizened gravitas that American stars just can’t pull off.

Wilford Brimley, 1984

Wilford Brimley in 1984's The Natural

In Brimley’s defense, he was born looking 50.

Peter O’Toole, 1982

Peter O'Toole in 1982
Time & Life/Getty

O’Toole’s famous hard living added to his legend, but also made it hard for him to keep his youthful good looks.

Sean Connery, 1980

Sean Connery

When Brad Pitt wears a mustache, he looks like Errol Flynn. When Sean Connery wears mustache, he looks like … well, Sean Connery.

Marlon Brando, 1974

Marlon Brando at a gala benefiting the American Indians Development Association in 1974
Ron Galella/WireImage

The Godfather colors our memory of ’70s Brando, but the acting legend actually hit 50 looking pretty good.

Walter Matthau, 1970

Walter Matthau in promotional materials for the 24th Annual Tony Awards in 1970
Herb Ball/NBC/Getty

Matthau was a grumpy old man even when he was still just a middle-aged man.

Watch PEOPLE’s video of Brad Pitt’s Greatest Hits:

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