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Steve Helling
April 05, 2013 07:15 PM

Brad Paisley, 40, has a new album, Wheelhouse, out April 9. This week he talks “one last thing” with PEOPLE:

Last injury I sustained
I was barefoot and stubbed my toe on a door frame. My foot looked horrible; I probably broke a couple of toes. I hobbled around for a few days but didn’t go to the doctor. I just figured it would get better on its own.

Last barbecue I threw
We had one in California [last time we were there]. But I don’t grill. I can figure it out, but I usually leave that up to my wife [Kimberly Williams-Paisley]. She’d love for me to take the reins, but it’s not my strong suit.

Last time I went black tie
I actually like it sometimes. The last time was at the Inaugural ball. I sort of broke the rules. I made sure my tie was black, so that was okay, but my shirt was actually bright red.

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