Courtesy Jamie Magazine
Ann Clark
December 02, 2008 12:10 PM

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be Hollywood’s hottest couple, but things certainly aren’t as steamy in the kitchen.

“I can rock a Sunday BBQ but that’s as far as my culinary talents go,” Pitt told his chef pal Jamie Oliver for the inaugural issue of Jamie Magazine.

And the best thing Jolie has prepared for him? “Cereal,” says Pitt.

However, the jetsetters aren’t shy when it comes to experimenting with food from all over the world. “I’ve eaten crickets in Cambodia, sea urchins in France, goat in Ethiopia and Rocky Mountain oysters (balls) in Montana,” says Pitt.

“Angie and I made crocodile curry from a can.”

But their celebrity friends need not worry about getting cereal and BBQ on the menu if invited over. Asked what he fixes when he has guests, Pitt, 44, quips, “I order out.”

And when it comes down to the classic rivalry between Coke and Pepsi, the actor makes his preference clear: “Beer.”

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