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Boston Beer Company Pulls Affleck Ad

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Calling the commercials inappropriate in light of recent events, the Boston Beer Co., which brews Samuel Adams beer, has yanked radio ads featuring “Pearl Harbor” star Ben Affleck, who last weekend entered a live-in rehabilitation facility for alcohol abuse. Affleck, who turns 29 on Aug. 15, checked himself into the Promises rehabilitation facility in Malibu, Calif, with the help of friend Charlie Sheen, as is chronicled in this week’s PEOPLE cover story. Promises is $33,850-a-month cliff-top retreat that reportedly has treated Robert Downey Jr. and Paula Poundstone. “The Boston Beer Company respects Ben Affleck, his decision, and we wish him well,” the brewer said in a statement. The radio spots, which promoted a contest for amateur screenwriters sponsored in part by Affleck and his “Good Will Hunting” co-writer Matt Damon, featured Affleck accepting a beer from Boston Beer founder, Jim Koch, before he and Damon start making crank calls to Hollywood moguls. The company also pulled a photo of Affleck, beer in hand, from the Samuel Adams Web site.