Stephen M. Silverman And Kristi Slafka
August 20, 2003 02:21 PM

Add another eye-“poppering” name to the list of entertainers who’ve undergone breast surgery: Blues Traveler front man John Popper.

The musician, who boasts of recently cutting his weight in half, admits he had some help. “I have big man boobs,” the musician told PEOPLE while in Washington, D.C., for a concert last weekend on historic Pennsylvania Avenue. (Blues Traveler’s new album, “Truth Be Told,” was released Aug. 5.)

“I actually got that operation,” he said. “I got plastic surgery to chop them off. They took six pounds off of my chest. Yeah, I was like the Michelin man deflated.”

Popper, 36, says he dropped 180 pounds — from a high of about 430 last summer — after gastric bypass surgery in 2000 and plastic surgery in 2001 to get rid of excess skin. He even keeps graphic surgery photos to show how dramatically he shrank.

“They’re a very grisly part of my house. They, like, showed the flap of skin when they lifted it up,” Popper said. “I lost 22 pounds off my belly. That was just in loose skin. You know, I lost 180 pounds. That was flab.”

Popper has been keeping the weight off by eating healthier and following an exercise plan that includes swimming and walking. But, dressed in baggy jeans, Popper says he’s still not quite stylish and could use the Fab Five’s help in grooming and decor: “I’d need a lot of queer eyes.”

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