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Blake Under 'Cloud': Lawyer

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Robert Blake’s lawyer conceded for the first time that the former “Baretta” star, 67, was under a “cloud” of suspicion in last Friday’s gunshot murder of Blake’s wife, Bonny Bakley, 45. Meanwhile, Judy Howell, who was a friend of the victim, is quoted on as saying, “I have no doubt, no doubt at all with every fiber of my body that he killed her, killed my friend. He killed his child’s mother.” Both Howell and Bakley’s mother allege that Blake abused his wife, that the couple’s baby daughter was a source of friction and that Blake wanted to keep Bakley away from the baby and would have killed for the child, goes on to say. “I just said if I were you I would let him have that baby and let him raise it and get away from him,” said Marjorie Lois Carlyon, Bakley’s mother. Blake’s close friend, John Solari, confirmed that Blake is extremely protective of the child and was embarrassed by his wife, but would not have killed or had Bakley killed. As PEOPLE reported in its cover story this week, Bakley’s con-artist past came to public light in the aftermath of her killing. “He’s got a cloud over him,” Blake’s attorney, Harland Braun, referring to his client, told an army of reporters outside police headquarters Thursday. “But you have to . . . make your peace with your maker about who you really are and not what people perceive you as. He’s learning that lesson very quickly.”