Stephen M. Silverman
January 21, 2012 05:30 PM

After being seen all cozy together last year in New York and in Boston, followed by the couple’s holiday visit with his family in Vancouver, It seemed some distance could have possibly developed between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

Had the romance Gone South? Sure enough – to the Big Easy, where the Reynolds, 35, and Lively, 24, were spotted this weekend all over New Orleans, the very city where they had shot The Green Lantern.

On Friday, an eyewitness saw the two at the Creole Creamery, a cute, Uptown ice cream parlor.

“Ryan comes in here sometimes when he’s in town,” said the observer, adding: “They seemed to want their privacy and sat close together in a corner of the store while they were eating and talking. They did leave the store holding hands, though – super sweet!”

According to another sighting on Twitter, Friday included the couple’s visit to the Café du Monde, a French market stand famous for its coffee with chicory and its donut-like beignets.

When the stars were promoting Green Lantern last summer, both spoke of their love of New Orleans, which Reynolds called “one of the most exciting, incredible communities in the world. You’re going to hear some of the best jazz music, eat some of the best food and see some of the best entertainment in the world.”

Added Lively,”You could spend your life trying to uncover all the treasures in New Orleans and not even scratch the surface.”

Reporting by MATT DAVIS

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