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Bizkit Limps to Later CD Release Date

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Don’t rush to the record store just yet. Limp Bizkit’s long-gestating new album has been given a new title and a new release date, reports Billboard, quoting a post from frontman Fred Durst on the band’s official Web site.

The CD, to be distributed by Flip/Interscope, will now be called “Panty Sniffer” and will be available “for sure the first week in September,” says Durst, 31.

Previously the musician had called the album a variety of different names, among them “Less Is More,” “Bipolar” and “The Search for Teddy Swoes.”

The first release date had been announced for this month, and then in time for the July 4 kickoff of the group’s Summer Sanitarium tour (along with Metallica and Linkin Park).

But then Bizkit finally got around to naming Mike Smith as the replacement for guitarist Wes Borland — leaving the group to scrap its tracks to date and to start anew, says Billboard.

“Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of creativity, and we’re doing just f—ing that,” Durst says in his posting. “The new band is exploding at the seems (sic). You’re not gonna comprehend where we took this one.”

On the subject of Smith, Durst says, “He’s giving me riffs I’ve always wanted to have. If you’re scared of revolution then you’d better run for shelter.”