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Billy Joel's Smashed Car Grill for Sale

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Howard Stern may be losing ground in some areas, but shock-jock stunts are alive and well, as evidenced by morning show co-host Steve Harper of New York station WBLI and his “Slam the Stunt Man” contest — which is selling off the smashed front grill from Billy Joel’s car wreck last month by auctioning it off for charity.

Joel, 54, suffered minor injuries when he lost control of his vintage 1967 Citroen on a rain-slicked road near his Long Island home on April 25. He slammed into the house of a 94-year-old woman who professed to having never heard of the Piano Man until she came home from the grocery store and found his battered car in her front yard.

Joel is said to be making restitution to the woman to repair the damage to her house and return her garden to its former pristine state.

To assemble the station’s “Slam the Stunt Man,” a rep from the WBLI picked up debris from the street at the crash site, said Harper, who adds that the grill is being offered on eBay until 12:45 p.m. Thursday.

A Nassau County police spokesman tells the Associated Press that because Joel has not asked for the grill to be returned, there’s no legal reason the station can’t sell it.

A spokeswoman for Joel — who received a small cut on his left ring finger but refused medical attention after the wreck — did not return a call for comment.