Courtesy Bill Nye Film
Alex Heigl
August 13, 2015 09:00 AM

We’ve always suspected that everyone loved Bill Nye. And now we have cold, hard, financial proof.

A documentary about Nye being funded on Kickstarter, aptly titled The Bill Nye Film, has now become the most funded documentary in Kickstarter history, surpassing the Leonard Nimoy documentary (For the Love of Spock) spearheaded by his son, Adam.

As of this writing, the film has raised over $800,000 of its $650,000 goal. The filmmakers, from Structure Films, plan to follow Nye around over the course of the next year to get footage from his planned lectures on climate change and space exploration.

There’s still time to donate, and a number of cool rewards – like an autographed bow tie from Nye – are still available.

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