Todd Peterson
November 27, 2002 12:00 PM

Cleaning out Eminem’s closet has its perks.

Fans of the rapper’s big-screen debut, “8 Mile,” might recall the scene in which an abandoned house is set ablaze. But that’s nothing compared to the bids Eminem’s childhood home has drawn on the Internet auction site eBay.

The residence, located in the town of Warren, Mich., has drawn more than 250 bids, topping out at $13 million, Reuters reports. (That’s a tad more than the 60-year-old home’s $100,000 appraised value.)

The Internet company didn’t have an immediate response to the bids, although a warning on the site says false bids may constitute fraud.

This house is not the first Eminem property that has been put on the auction block. Another former home in nearby Sterling Heights was also sold on eBay, though the top bid there was $800,000. The home was reported to be nicer than the residence currently being offered, and included such features as a Jacuzzi and pool.

Both homes lie beyond Eight Mile Road, the demarcation line separating inner-city Detroit and the suburbs, and the thoroughfare that lent its name to the rapper’s recent film. The auction on the Warren home closes Dec. 14.

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