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Beyoncé's New Album: Katy Perry, Solange Knowles & More React to Surprise Release

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Industry peers and fans alike are reeling, in a good way, upon waking up Friday to news of Beyoncé‘s audacious holiday stunt – the whole new album and group of videos she released by surprise overnight.

“Don’t talk to me today unless it’s about @Beyonce THANX,” Katy Perry wrote on Twitter in the early hours Friday.

Beyoncé’s move, of course, raises the stakes significantly for performers in her same stratosphere of stardom, like Perry, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Those other three have yet to weigh in, but Snoop Dogg and Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles both Tweeted their admiration.

“my girl @beyonce just changed d game !!” wrote Snoop. “I’m sitting here watching THE most artful and perfect project ever .” Solange added.

Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin also weighed in, writing: “The new Beyonce album is so perfect wow.”

Fans, of course, went crazy at the announcement, feeling like Christmas came early. iTunes reportedly crashed temporarily because of the demand for the record, and people flooded Twitter with messages of astonishment.

“Pause while I freak out cause I just woke up to Beyoncé dropping a whole new album without anyone knowing….this is why she is the Queen,” wrote one fan. Added another: “Today I woke up to Beyonce changing the Face of Music. And the western world has gone nuts. You are one incredible woman.”