Cara Lynn Shultz
April 04, 2013 11:30 AM

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which Beyoncé is the fiercest of them all?

That’s the question posed in the singer’s sexy new Pepsi ad. In the minute-long spot, Beyoncé previews her new single “Grown Woman” in a room full of mirrors when she’s suddenly confronted by reflections of her past selves – clad some of the singer-actress’s most iconic looks and performing her signature choreography.

PHOTO: Beyoncé’s First Shot for H&M

There’s the “Crazy in Love” jean shorts, white tank top and booty pop; the fuchsia two-piece “Bootylicious” outfit; and – of course – the metallic glove and unitard from “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” complete with requisite “talk-to-the-hand-the-face-is-busy” moves.

Also featured (although less significantly) are costumes she wore for the “Love on Top”and “Deja Vu” videos.

“Embrace your past, but live for now,” the singer says while taking a swig of (what else?) Pepsi.

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