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Beyoncé Says "No" to Nudity

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Sexy clothes are one thing, but there are no nude scenes in devout diva Beyoncé Knowles’s future. Nor, she says, will there be a fourth member of her hit group Destiny’s Child.

In an interview with British music magazine Bang, 21-year-old “Bootylicious” pop star Knowles – who apparently walked out of a shoot with celebrity photographer David LaChapelle after he asked her to pose naked and smothered in honey – says she wants to be known for her talent rather than her body.

“Every photographer wants to be the first one who talks Beyoncé out of her clothes. It’s prestigious for him if I expose a nipple,” she told Bang, according to the European cable network Sky News. “People test you to see how far they can go….Man, if I had a dollar for every time that kind of guy says, ‘You’ll only get the cover if you take off your pants,’ I’d be a rich woman.”

Meanwhile, Knowles and her posse are denying that the singer’s sister, Solange, will be joining Destiny’s Child. Despite Knowles’s father (and manager) Mathew’s suggestion in June that Solange join the group, Beyoncé tells MTV that “The Solange rumor is definitely a rumor. She’s not going to be a member of Destiny’s Child,” Knowles says.

After a variety of solo outings, the trio is set to regroup and return to the studio next year, MTV notes. “We were talking today about what we’re going to do when we get back together – the sound, the look – which is really exciting,” Beyoncé says. “We’ve all grown so much … it’s going to be incredible.”