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Beyoncé: Jay-Z and I Are Not Married

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Beyoncé is not secretly married to Jay-Z, nor are they even engaged, despite their lengthy and close relationship.

Asked if she was hitched, the pop diva, in a cover story for Vanity Fair magazine, simply replied, “No.” Pressed further if she was engaged, she snapped, “I’m not.”

The magazine also spoke to Jay-Z, and he had this to say about Beyoncé: “She has a wonderful ear for music – knows if people are flat, on pitch, on tone – she has the whole thing down pat.”

One man Beyoncé, 24, does discuss in more detail is her father-manager, Mathew Knowles. She says he’s no tyrant in the manner of Joe Jackson, the father-manager of Michael Jackson and his siblings.

“People think that he just controls everything,” Beyoncé says of her dad, “but I actually control everything.”

She adds: “I had a very healthy, happy childhood – my mother made sure of it and I love her for it.”