Nate Jones
February 04, 2014 05:20 PM

It was 10 years ago today that first surged to life in a Harvard dorm room.

In the decade since, the rise of Facebook has been good for a whole lot of people: Mark Zuckerberg, obviously, and your cousin who just had a baby, for another.

But there’s one type of person who’s truly made the site work for them – celebrities, who not only use the social network to speak directly to their fans but offer the outside world an intimate, unfiltered look at their lives, work and wisdom.

On the occasion of Facebook’s 10th anniversary, here are the 10 celebs who deserve a place in your newsfeed.

1. Shakira (81 million likes)

Shakira's Facebook page

Shakira has the third-most likes of any celebrity on Facebook, and for good reason: The Colombian singer posts every update in English and in Spanish, captivating multiple continents of fans.

2. Vin Diesel (64 million likes)

Vin Diesel's Facebook page

The Fast & Furious star’s online antics are the stuff of legend: Not only does he sing Rihanna songs and dance to Katy Perry, but he also fosters a sense of community on his “multicultural, nonjudgemental page.”

3. Lady Gaga (62 million likes)

Lady Gaga's Facebook page

Gaga’s Little Monsters are some of the most devoted in pop, and Mama Monster is happy to share with them backstage photos, inspirational messages and random ARTPOP ephemera.

4. Will Smith (59 million likes)

Will Smith's Facebook page

The family that sticks together stays famous together. At least that’s the vibe we got from Smith’s Facebook page, which mixes happy vacation pictures of the Hollywood clan with poignant remembrances of Nelson Mandela and Smith’s former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air costar James Avery.

5. Bruno Mars (46 million likes)

Bruno Mars's Facebook page

The Super Bowl halftime performer‘s backstage cellphone pics are enjoyably – and literally – unfiltered, and he’s always giving shoutouts to his Hooligans for helping him reach his goals. “I wouldn’t even be invited to these things if it wasn’t for you guys,” he wrote after the Grammys. “Y’all changed my life & and for that I will forever be thankful.”

6. Pitbull (43 million likes)

Pitbull's Facebook page

Like a lot of normal people, Mr. Worldwide carefully cultivates his Facebook look. No sweatpants selfies here: It’s a lot of suits, sunglasses and babes. Dalé!

7. Miley Cyrus (42 million likes)

Miley Cyrus's Facebook page

Pop’s wild child isn’t exactly buttoned-down on her Facebook page, but those worried about her “meltdown” will find a refreshingly normal 20-year-old. Cyrus mostly sticks to posting Instagram snaps, pictures of her dogs and of course, her latest magazine shoots.

8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (25 million likes)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Facebook page

Want to keep your New Year’s resolution? Just follow the Rock on Facebook – his near-daily gym pics will shame you into keeping fit. And if you happen to meet him in the weight room, he has no problem posting a happy snap.

9. Paulo Coelho (16 million likes)

Paulo Coelho's Facebook page

The Brazilian author is the master of the inspirational Facebook status. Whether you speak English or Portuguese, the man who wrote The Alchemist has an uplifting image for you.

10. George Takei (5 million likes)

George Takei's Facebook page

The outspoken Star Trek star may have fewer followers than his counterparts on this list, but he’s been instrumental in creating the voice of a popular part of the Web: silly, vaguely liberal and enchanted by cats and puns alike. When Upworthy wants one of their stories to go mega-viral, Takei is the man they call.

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