Stephen M. Silverman
June 17, 2008 03:25 PM

His “awesome” Father’s Day was still very much on the mind of Joel Madden as he and his twin, Benji Madden, both talked to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday, to promote their Soundtrack of Your Summer Good Charlotte tour and new single, “Where Would We Be Now.”

But while it might have been expected that Joel – father of with Nicole Richie 5-month-old baby daughter Harlow, whom the proud dad said was teething – would be thinking paternally, whoever would have guessed that brother Benji would be similarly disposed?

“I’m so beyond happy,” Benji, 29, said of his hot relationship with Paris Hilton. “Of course,” he added, “when you’re that happy, you think about everything.”

When asked if he worries about having kids, Benji replied: “Not at all. I mean, she’s my best friend” – prompting Joel to interject sarcastically, “I can see it tomorrow, ‘Benji’s Ready for Fatherhood.’ ”

Continued Benji: “I’ve never been so happy. Nothing worries me in life anymore. When you find that best friend, that love, all your worries kind of go away. Your work gets better and everything you do, you have someone supporting you, and she’s that for me. I’ve never been supported so much.”

In his repeated refrain, Benji said, “I’m a lucky guy. Her family is so nice to me. And now the four of us, we all … it’s great, you know.”

Could that possibly mean a double wedding? Responded both bothers, in unison: “No.”

Reporting by JACKIE FIELDS

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