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Jennifer Garcia
March 01, 2013 03:00 PM

Benjamin Bratt, 49, appears in the action thriller Snitch, in theaters now. He checked in with PEOPLE this week to talk sports, TV habits, cooking and more!

Last sport I played
I had a catch with my son [Mateo, 7]. I’m one of the coaches for his Little League team. The funny thing is he listens to me much better as his coach as opposed to as his father. As a coach he does what I ask because otherwise he knows I’ll make him run laps!

Last reality TV I watched
The Voice. I really enjoy that show. It’s an obsession for my wife [Talisa Soto], 45. So by default it becomes mine too.

Last thing I cooked
My Bolognese sauce. We cook almost every night in our house. And I always make a salad too, so arugula with roasted pine nuts, olive oil, vinegar and feta cheese.

Last good deed I did
This morning a guy was towing a trailer filled with gravel and was stuck, blocking my drive-way, so I helped. A good thing because I was on my way to The Talk and late!

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