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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Glass House Sold for $1 Million

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Did you make any million-dollar purchases recently? Well, go ahead and kick yourself if you did, because for more or less that same amount, you could’ve had Cameron Frye’s super cool glass house from .

The home, known around its Highland Park, Illinois, neighborhood as the Ben Rose House (for Ben and Francis Rose, who commissioned the structure), recently sold for $1.06 million. That’s quite a steal: Originally listed at $2.3 million in May of 2009, the home’s price was dropped to $1.5 million in August of 2013.

The Ben Rose House is as revered in architectural circles as in pop culture ones, valued for both its distinctive style and ties to famous architect Mies van der Rohe. It was designed by A. James Speyer, a student of van der Rohe’s, and the pavilion (from which Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari is expelled in the movie) was designed by a student of Speyer’s, David Haid, twenty years later.

The interior of 370 Beech Street, or the Ben Rose House, from Ferris Bueller
The home has faced the usual struggles of any long-on-the-market house, like upkeep costs, but with the added problems of being an iconic film house: Fans have disturbed the property repeatedly for pictures. Luckily the new owners plan to restore it to an elegance worthy of the Frye, er, Rose name.

Watch the iconic Ferris car crash scene below:

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