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Ben and Jen's Wedding: Still a Go

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It will take more than a movie flop and a week of tabloid gossip to break up Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, according to reps for the couple.

The high-profile pair remain very much engaged, a “source close to the couple” tells the Associated Press, while Affleck’s spokesman tells the news agency, “They’re fine.”

Affleck himself told a PEOPLE reporter earlier this week that all’s well with the duo otherwise known as Bennifer. “It’s great. Fabulous,” he says in the latest PEOPLE cover story, on newsstands Friday.

The rare public statements are aiming to deflate a week of tabloid speculation about the state of Affleck and Lopez’s romance, following the disastrous opening of their first onscreen joint venture, the mobster flick “Gigli,” which grossed a paltry $3.8 million at the box office.

Beyond critics’ cutthroat reviews for the $54 million romantic comedy, the couple also withstood reports that Affleck’s July 17 visit to a Vancouver strip club derailed the couple’s wedding plans. The firestorm only grew hotter when Lopez was seen out on the town without her 6.1-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring.

But sources deny that anything is amiss in the relationship. In fact, Affleck, 33, may even have considered the strip club visit an unofficial bachelor party, a source suggested to PEOPLE. “They’re still together, and they are getting married,” one source close to Lopez, 34, tells the magazine. “Jennifer knew beforehand that he was going to the club.”

Meantime, the couple, who have never publicly revealed their wedding date, are scheduled for another collaboration on the silver screen next March, when director Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl” opens.