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Ben Affleck Is 'Mr. Boston'

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Richard Young/Startraks

You’ve seen him on-screen in dozens of movies, but what’s Boston-native Ben Affleck like when the cameras aren’t rolling?

“He’s kind of what you expect,” Rebecca Hall, his costar in his upcoming film, The Town, tells W magazine in its August issue. “He s incredibly smart; he s good fun. It s got to be odd being that famous, especially in Boston, where he can’t walk a block without having to put his hood up.”

Although Affleck was born in Berkeley, Calif., he moved to Cambridge, Mass., when he was young. And this inspires Hall’s nickname for Affleck: “Mr. Boston.”

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Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, who also costars with Affleck in The Town agrees: “The guy is a patron saint of that city,” he says. “[When you’re] walking around with him, everybody of every walk of life is like, ‘Hey, Ben!'”

And Hall and Hamm aren’t just costarring with Affleck – he’s the boss, both acting and directing in the cops-and-robbers style flick.

Hamm says the job never turned Affleck into a “raving lunatic or an a- – hole” – although it might have made him a little mental, according to Hall. “[It’s] a bit schizophrenic as well because you are having to wear two different hats and be quite clear about which one you re wearing at any given time,” she says. “It’s very rare that actors can direct themselves.”

Courtesy W Magazine