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Cara Lynn Shultz
August 23, 2013 11:10 AM

It was a really fun week online. There were a bunch of fun, musical videos posted (links below), and then we got the news that Ben Affleck was cast as Batman.

I know.

Look, we all like Ben. He’s a good actor, and and even more talented director. But most of us still have PTSD from Daredevil. So read on for more on that story, and the rest of what happened online this week.

No One Is Happy That Ben Affleck Will Play Batman in Superman Sequel
Because ruining one comic franchise wasn’t enough.

Sheldon Cooper gets it.

Tegan and Sara Joined Taylor Swift on Stage to Perform Their Song "Closer"
It’s like watching Gulliver sing with the Lilliputians.

Nick Lachey Sings a Romantic Ode to Wendy’s New Burger
The singer crooned the most passionate reader Tweets about the Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, clearly served at 98 degrees. Give me just one bite, una munchies.

Pharrell Williams Offers Impromptu Song-and-Dance Routine While Ordering in Parisian McDonalds
We can’t wait for the Daft Punk remix, “Get Ducky (Sauce).”

Cinderella Gets Retold with Beyoncé Songs
LaToya and LaTavia aren’t cast as the stepsisters, btw.

Celine Dion Joined Twitter
There isn’t enough glitter on the planet to celebrate this momentous occasion. I’m smacking myself in the chest in her honor.

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