Stephen M. Silverman
August 03, 1998 12:00 AM

An intruder who was arrested at the Hawaii home of ex-Beatle George Harrison earlier this year has been placed on probation for one year following her just-completed four-month jail sentence. Cristin Joyce Keleher, 27, pleaded no contest to trespassing charges following her apprehension in the Harrison home while she was eating a frozen pizza and doing her laundry, reports the Associated Press. (Her timing couldn’t have been worse: Only a week before, a male intruder in Harrison’s London home stabbed the musician, who suffered a collapsed lung as a result of the encounter.) Keleher claimed that she was in the Harrison house because it was raining outside and she wasn’t feeling well. She also reportedly said that she was in love with Harrison and meant him no harm. On Friday she was released from jail in Wailuku and ordered to return to her family in New Jersey.

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