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Bates Awaits 'Dash and Lilly'

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While fellow Oscar-winners Judi Dench and Kevin Spacey are playing to great acclaim on Broadway (both are up for Tonys June 6), Kathy Bates won’t be returning to her theater roots any time soon. “My hat is off to them,” she says of Dench and Spacey, “but I’m not sure I have the stamina to do it.” Bates, an Oscar winner for 1990’s “Misery” who also appeared in 1997’s “Primary Colors,” said of theater life: “All you do is eight shows a week. You don’t have a life besides that.” Instead, Bates is eagerly awaiting the response to her movie directorial debut, “Dash and Lilly,” airing on the A&E cable network on May 31. “If I’m not any good at it, then it’s not something I’ll continue,” she told People Online correspondent Jason Lynch. “I’ll see how it goes when the reviews come out.” Meanwhile, Bates has a new hobby. She took up the harp this year. “I’ll never be a concert harpist,” she admits, “but it’s something that gives me a lot of pleasure.”