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Ken Lee
October 31, 2005 05:10 PM

Alec Baldwin and ex-wife Kim Basinger’s bitter three-year custody battle over their 10-year-old daughter, Ireland, turned downright nasty in a Los Angeles court Monday – as Baldwin asked the court to enforce his visitation time and requested his ex-wife undergo therapy.

Superior Court Commissioner Maren E. Nelson dismissed many of Baldwin’s requests – but not before the actor’s lawyer launched into a 10-minute tirade against Basinger.

“It is sad and pathetic how Ms. Basinger is contaminating this child,” attorney Vicki Greene said, as an indignant-looking Basinger looked on. (Baldwin, 47, who lives in New York, did not attend the hearing.) “She is turning Ireland against her father, creating a protective shield around her. It’s clear that Ms. Basinger has lodged a war.”

Specifically, Baldwin, claimed he wasn’t getting enough phone contact with Ireland, that he wasn’t getting significant visitation time overall – both of which the commissioner dismissed as unsubstantiated. Nelson didn’t deem it necessary to force Basinger to undergo therapy.

Outside of court, attorneys from both sides accused the other of playing dirty in the case. “I find it disturbing that Mr. Baldwin and his lawyer would cast such terrible (accusations) against my client,” said Basinger attorney Neal Hersh. “Ms. Basinger looks forward to future proceedings, she’s happy with today’s result.”

Before the hour-long session began, Basinger, 51, wearing a navy-blue business suit and purple sunglasses, arrived with an entourage of at least six people – including three attorneys and Ireland’s nanny. In court, Baldwin’s attorney had pointed that out as an example of Basinger’s defensiveness.

“She travels with 10 people around her everywhere she goes,” Greene railed. “She’s afraid, she’s afraid of the world, and now she’s trying to make Ireland afraid of her father. He’s never done anything to Ireland except be a terrific, loving father.”

The next court date is Dec. 13, when Greene plans to present more visitation demands on behalf of Baldwin. The custody battle has been simmering since the superstar couple split in 2002 after eight years of marriage.

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