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Baldwins, for a Good Cause

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The Baldwin brothers — Alec, Stephen, and Daniel — joined their mother, Carol M. Baldwin, on Long Island this weekend for her 4th annual breast cancer fund-raiser, where she announced that her research fund plans to expand internationally within the next year. Currently there are chapters in New York and Florida. Mrs. Baldwin, 71, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago, joked that her famous children had to chip in and help raise money for a cure. “They have no choice,” she told PEOPLE. “I put my foot down. William Baldwin was not there, but his mother acknowledged his support of her cause.” Alec, 42, put humor to use too, when he addressed the gathering and said, “I’d like to take this opportunity to make an announcement that I am officially changing my name: Breast Cancer Baldwin — that way my mother will return my phone calls.”