Stephen M. Silverman
April 11, 2003 10:00 AM

History gets rewritten all the time, and now it appears this week’s widely reported brouhaha between Baldwin brothers Daniel and Stephen and Leonardo DiCaprio will go down as one big misunderstanding.

To recap, “Homicide” actor Daniel Baldwin, 42, told the Las Vegas Sun newspaper that he wanted to find the “Catch Me If You Can” star and “kick his a–” for ditching a Las Vegas charity event that he helped organize — especially after he arranged for DiCaprio to take a private jet from L.A. to Las Vegas.

But now it appears the whole episode was a mix-up. “This thing totally got blown out of proportion,” Shawn Sachs, a spokesman for DiCaprio, tells

Stephen Baldwin also has written a letter to the Las Vegas Sun to help clear the air. While the actor says he personally extended an invitation, “There were never any promises that Leonardo would indeed attend, although he did strongly indicate to me that he would try to stop by if his schedule permitted.”

Baldwin added that he wishes “to make it perfectly clear that Leonardo DiCaprio acted appropriately and in good faith. Had Leo attended the event, we agreed to absorb some of his travel costs, as we did with all the celebrity attendees. However, since he was unable to attend — no costs have been incurred.”

Tempers were flaring earlier this week when the Baldwins and organizers of the event publicly dissed Leo for being a no-show.

“Not only did DiCaprio stiff a kids’ charity by not showing up, but then he asked to be paid back for the cost of the plane,” said Jonathan Scott, an organizer of the event aiding the Several Sources Foundation, which funds several New Jersey shelters for at-risk teens.

“That punk DiCaprio should be ashamed of himself,” Scott added.

“Leo said he was going to come, and I arranged for transportation,” Stephen Baldwin, 38, told the Sun. “He came to Las Vegas, but not to us.”

Now, however, it appears Daniel Baldwin no longer wishes to kick Leo’s a–.

“My brother’s reaction was based on misinformation relayed to him by … Jonathan Scott,” Stephen Baldwin wrote the Sun.

Case closed.

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