Stephen M. Silverman
May 19, 2003 03:28 PM

Tire company heir Andrew Firestone made his final selection on Sunday night’s season wrap-up of ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

“Jen, I love you,” Firestone, 27, gushed to the 26-year-old account manager from Chicago. “I think that we fit perfectly together and I look forward to a life of adventure, happiness and family.”

He then assumed the traditional position — getting down on one knee so he could place an oval-shaped Harry Winston diamond engagement ring on her left hand and ask, “Jen, will you marry me?”

After whittling down his possibilities from 25 women — and also considering runner-up Kirsten, 23, a merchandiser from Tampa — Firestone said on the morning before he popped the question to Jen: “Both these ladies make my heart race. Both these ladies are gorgeous.”

Then, personally delivering the disappointing news to Kirsten, Firestone said, “This is more than just feeling comfortable — this is about love, commitment and marriage … I’ve fallen in love with Jen.”

Controlling her sobs, Kirsten — who, like Jen, had met Andrew’s parents at the well-heeled family’s California vineyard — confessed inside the limo that took her home, “I have so many pieces to pick up right now. … Right now he’s proposing to Jen and it makes me want to throw up.”

For her part, Jen (described by Reuters as Marcia Brady-like) responded to Firestone’s proposal by declaring, “Yes! Yes I will.”

So far, no one who has appeared on “The Bachelor” has actually tied the knot (though Trista and Ryan of “The Bachelorette” are engaged), but Andrew and Jen are pegged to make their first public appearance together as a couple on “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose,” set to air Wednesday.

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