Stephen M. Silverman
August 22, 1997 12:00 AM

The lovable pig who starred in the 1995 best picture Oscar-nominee “Babe” has been ordered to the slaughterhouse by the High Court of England. Grunty, who played the orphaned porker who thought he was really a sheepdog, may have been in contact with animals that have foot-and-mouth disease. But Rosemary Upton, Grunty’s owner, is appealing the ruling in a last-ditch battle to save the cherished swine. On Monday, Upton told the court that the Ministry of Agriculture made a serious mistake when it condemned her farm on June 14 because of a foot-and-mouth scare in the area. She also insisted that there is nothing wrong with Grunty or 11 pedigreed sheep who’ve also been condemned to die. The legal decision was based on the fact that Upton had visited another small farm she owns that turned out to be infected. But Upton says she wore gloves, disinfected her boots and had no physical contact with infected livestock after her visit. The hearing continues.

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